LCS Global Group helps clients align risk management practices with strategic business line objectives, while complying with continuously evolving regulatory guidance, laws and regulations. We are able to reduce firms' risk exposures to regulatory, compliance and criminal violations, improve client oversight of risk management activities, and identify necessary actions to minimize the risk of negative regulatory scrutiny.  We have deep experience in corporate governance, conduct, and compliance, and we are able to drive positive outcomes with targeted services around organization culture, management and design, board development and effectiveness, and organizational integrity.

We understand the challenges of operating in an uncertain global environment, and strive to maximize the value of risk management efforts. Reputational risks around issues of integrity can have widespread financial and mission impact.  With insights into evolving policy and on-the-ground experience across international spaces, LCS Global Group works with its clients in:

Enterprise-wide risk assessment around financial crimes and sanctions compliance:  

  • Review and recommend institutional policies and programs, systems and controls to reduce risk.  
  • Design and implement industry-leading governance and compliance capabilities to forestall brand-damaging instances.
  • Provide solutions to urgent problems brought-to-light involving malfeasance, while providing controls to provide security against future issues.
  • Craft comprehensive bespoke assessments of exposure to sanctions and related compliance risks.
  • Advise and develop sovereign counter-illicit financing regimes, consistent with heightened global standards and current expectations of effectiveness.

Integrity fortification for financial institutions, NGOs, and multinationals:

  • Advise senior executive management on policy challenges and opportunities in order to navigate a complex global environment and protect the integrity of their business or organization.
  • Clarify and apply relevant complex global standards and expectations in order to recognize and reduce risk to associated lines of business, products, services, markets, customers, and clients.
  • Leverage new and emerging technologies and systems to ensure efficient and effective risk management.
  • Engage and inform external stakeholders to manage and shape expectations and promote partnerships.
  • Incorporate the compliance mission into business strategies to protect and promote economic growth within a culture of compliance.

Our service offerings include:

  • Operation risk management

  • Reputation/strategic risk

  • Third party/vendor risk management

  • Enterprise risk management and compliance management systems


  • Multi-year risk management review for a multinational mining company across three continents to address business-critical stakeholder and operational issues

*Legal representation is available through The Law Office of Lance Croffoot-Suede, Esq.