thoughtful oversight

Sometimes, governance or compliance systems fail.  When that happens, courts, regulators, or the entity itself will turn to experienced third-parties to monitor their compliance with settlement provisions.  With experience in crafting and representing clients in such settlement negotiations, LCS Global Group is well positioned to assess and monitor compliance with such agreements.  We are versed in deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs), non-prosecution agreements (NPAs), consent orders, debarment and sanctions.  We can assess the organization's systems and reforms, make recommendations for improvement and provide reporting transparency around implmentation.

Corporate monitors adhere to the principles of:  Independence, Oversight, Reporting and Implementation. LCS Global Group has a core senior and multi-disciplinary team that embodies these principles and can cost-effectively deliver Monitor services.  Our Network can provide the necessary sector or subject matter expertise also in a most cost-effective manner


  • Establishment of the compliance department of a West African subsidiary of a Fortune 500 oil and gas company in connection with a U.S. Court Monitorship.


*Legal representation is available through The Law Office of Lance Croffoot-Suede, Esq.