Independent investigations are increasingly the most effective way for a business or organization to protect and bolster its brand.  The decision to fact-find can quickly quell public disruption, halt poor decision-making, isolate problem areas and mitigate fall-out.  Often, an independent investigation ends up being the first step towards developing fit-for-purpose governance and compliance models, when those models were previously ineffective or merely tokens.  When organizations are not under public scrutiny, independent investigations also can quickly enhance credibility to achieve strategic objectives.

LCS Global Group has extensive experience in this area and we offer a cost-efficient option in today's market for internal investigations.  Prior experience in criminal and regulatory law, expertise in governance and compliance, and experience with the public and social sectors, gives important background to inform the practice.  As more subject matter becomes ripe for independent investigations, our combination of private, public and social sector expertise situates us well to spearhead investigations into "cross-over" issues such as governance lapses, hostile work environments and equal pay.  We also have a core senior multi-disciplinary to provide the necessary expertise for each investigation, and we structure each engagement in a manner that makes economic sense for the situation-at-hand and the client.  As a result, we work on only a limited number of investigations at any time.*  

We scope and structure investigations for success, engage the proper resources, pinpoint the important information, analyze the relevant data, and prepare a comprehensive report.

We have a point of view around independent investigations:  they can be strategic as well as responsive - they can drive change, reduce risk, avoid litigation and enable an organization to leapfrog to achieve longstanding objectives.


  • LCS Global Group recently was appointed Independent Investigator for the Integrity Vice-Presidency of the World Bank to investigate certain infrastructure projects around the world for evidence of corruption and fraud.   
  • Identifying and redressing corruption risk in subsidiaries of a European energy company
  • Identifying fraud, ethical violations and breaches of company policy in a Middle Eastern financial institution


*Legal representation is available through The Law Office of Lance Croffoot-Suede, Esq.