principles based

Governance models become powerful protectors and enable a business or organization to scale quickly and successfully when they are principles-based rather than rules-bound.  We work in and across countries with financial institutions, multinational companies, private equity firms, family-owned entities, multilaterals, supranationals, NGOs and foundations.  We bring best practices to bear within a cultural context.   We focus on the principles of accountability, transparency, evidence of effectiveness and adaptability to assess, design and implement fit-for-purpose governance models.  Good governance for increased effectiveness is our goal.


When LCS Global Group works with clients to develop and reform their governance models, we concentrate on improving decision making capabilities, creating effective organizational structures, and understanding the appropriate controls and incentives, as well as on what we call operational governance, namely, how the operations of an organization interact with the governance structures of the organization.  We also assist management to ensure that the organization is in sync with its statements and commitments to stakeholders, at both the micro and macro levels.


Whether it is a public-private-social sector partnership or developing the first ever global fund for humanitarian action based on the tenets of Islamic Social Finance, governance oversight and innovation is increasingly necessary in our interconnected world to develop new products and scale businesses and organizations successfully.   Our work with government, financial institutions and international development actors is at the forefront of expanding partnerships and products in the marketplace.  


  • Reviewing and reforming the governance model of a Middle-Eastern Sovereign Wealth Fund to accommodate political actors and address stakeholder risks
  • Assessing and reviewing the corporative governance structures for a State Owned Enterprise in Latin America
  • Development of the governance model for a public-private-social sector and Shariah complaint global fund for humanitarian action

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