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Dennis De Soto

Mr. De Soto has over thirty years experience in accounting and auditing disciplines. He held management positions in Texaco Oil Company: International Internal Auditing, the Middle East and Far East Operations.  He was responsible for implementing derivative compliance and controls while overseeing the Texaco Trading and Transportation Division. After his oil company career, he was contracted by the World Bank for 8 years as an independent consultant to conduct sensitive internal reviews and analysis.

Dennis is an expert investigative accountant who has the ability to develop narrative from the numbers.  The unspoken analysis of financial transactions becomes a critical reference for the legal team to corroborate and contrast testimony.  Dennis has an acute proficiency in financial analysis, an in-depth knowledge of auditing techniques and a vast practical experience in conducting investigations.  These skills with knowledge of internal controls, Sarbanes Oxley and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act culminates in his ability to detect deficiencies in financial systems and provide practical preventive solutions.