Integrity grounded

Compliance systems work best when they are not box checking exercises, but are integrity-based systems of checks and balances.  We work with businesses and organizations - corporations,  NGOs, government agencies - to handle their compliance needs in the areas of anti-bribery and corruption, environmental, human rights, anti-trust and voluntary industry standards, among others.  We assist management to ensure that their business and organization complies with statements and commitments made to stakeholders, at both the micro and macro levels. We have experience worldwide, and have deep cultural understanding.  We assess compliance systems based on each business' or organization's needs and economics, make recommendations for improvement and provide reporting transparency around implementation.

LCS Global Group believes it is best to put compliance systems in place that recognize and incorporate appropriately the business' or organization's strategic goals.  We are not interested in creating bureaucratic duplicative processes, but rather in working together to craft dynamic compliance practices that are economically feasible for our clients and drive success for the organization.  

We generally provide a multidisciplinary team, which enables us to broadly discern issues and drive corrective measures.


  • Establishment of the compliance department of a West African subsidiary of a Fortune 500 oil and gas company in connection with a U.S. Court Monitorship
  • Compliance review for a multinational mining company across three continents to address vulnerabilities to corruption and fraud


*Legal representation is available through The Law Office of Lance Croffoot-Suede, Esq.