Solutions to complex challenges, worldwide.

Today, businesses and organizations must devise and deploy top-notch solutions to innovate and scale their businesses successfully and counteract governance and compliance risks that can suddenly and irretrievably damage their organizations and brands. We offer tailor-made solutions that both respect and harmonize cultural differences company-wide and at the level of senior management and Board of Directors. 


Independent Investigator - World Bank financed projects

LCS Global Group was recently appointed to investigate certain infrastructure projects financed by the World Bank - worldwide - for corruption and fraud.

LCS Global Group specializes in internal independent investigations, governance oversight and reform, risk mitigation, monitorships, and compliance consulting to reduce businesses’ and organizations’ vulnerability to corruption and fraud, and poor governance, oversight and control.  Our work enables businesses and organizations to innovate and scale more easily and successfully.  Extensive experience - worldwide - in the private, governmental, intergovernmental, and nonprofit sectors enables us to devise solutions in keeping with the economics, geographic reach and complexity of each client positioned within their cultural and multicultural context.

Whether for corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, supranationals, multi-laterals, NGOs or foundations, we work together with our clients to craft tailor-made solutions to these complex challenges in a streamlined and economic way.

Our network equips clients with the optimal multi-disciplinary expertise quickly and economically to address the business or organizational issue at hand.

*Legal representation is available through The Law Office of Lance Croffoot-Suede, Esq.